Winter 2020
A Rough Guide to Meditation Posture + Recommended Supplies

Spring 2020
How & Why to Quit Shopping on Amazon

Autumn 2019
The Appropriate Amount to Give at Donation-Based Events

Summer 2019
Ultimate Meditation Resource Guide – Books, Courses, Websites, Movies, etc.
Zen Meditation vs. Vipassana / Insight Meditation

Spring 2019
Is Focusing Intensely on my Studies the Same As Meditation?
Worried about Meditation Posture – What To Do?

Winter 2018/2019
Four Ways to Evaluate A Spiritual Teacher
Meditation Groups (Sanghas): Why Go & The Most Important Things To Look For
Every Buddhist Meditation Group/Center In Portland Oregon
A Meditation Teacher’s Reflection on a Three Week Solitary Vipassana Retreat
Mindfulness Meditation & Thinking: How To Work With It And What The Goal Is

Autumn 2018
Insight Meditation (aka Vipassana): The What, Why, How & The Difference From Secular Mindfulness
The Three Ways to Work With Sleepiness in Meditation
Is it Best to Have Eyes Open or Closed while Meditating?

Summer 2018
On Becoming Vegan — Why I did it, Why I’m Sticking With It, And How I Stay Healthy

Spring 2018
A Rough Guide to Eating Meditation — For Beginning & Advanced Meditators
A Rough Guide to Walking Meditation — For Beginning & Advanced Meditators
Three Types of Gratitude – And Practices to Develop Each one
What to Do When You Can’t Fall Asleep

December 2017
Introducing Insight and Wisdom in Mindfulness Meditation (Part 1)
How to Measure the Strength of an Insight (Part 2)
The Difference between “Psychological” and “Meditative” Insight (Part 3)
The Three Core Insights of Mindfulness Meditation (Part 4)
How to Attain Wisdom & Insight in Three Steps (Part 5)
Six Important Things to Know after a Major Insight (Part 6)

November 2017
The Four Reasons People Actually Meditate (Instead of just Thinking about it)
How to Understand the most Important Teaching in Buddhism: Dukkha

October 2017
My Basic Approach to Mindfulness Meditation
How Mindfulness Helps you Walk the Three Roads to Awakening

September 2017
What Makes Mindfulness Meditation Unique
The Three Roads on the Path of Sincerity: Are You Walking Them?

August 2017
Why Living Truthfully Matters

June 2017
The Three Levels of Truth and How to Live Them

May 2017
How to Make Sense of all the Different Styles of Meditation
A Rough Guide to Why & Where to Go on Meditation Retreat
From Years of Travel to Intensive Meditation: What I Learned about Freedom

April 2017
The Top Six Benefits I’ve Gotten from 10,000+ Hours of Meditation Practice
A Real Life Example of How “Sincerity Work” Unfolds

March 2017
How I learned to Love Myself
My Three Years Ago Life Philosophy
My Life Philosophy in One Sentence

February 2017
The Four Stages of Competence Theory in Meditation
Two Paradigms of Mastery: Flow vs. Deliberate Practice

January 2017
The Two Approaches to Getting Unstuck
Using Meditation to Think Efficiently

December 2016
When your Biggest Obstacle Is not Having a Vision
“Tricking Yourself” into Life-Changing Insight
Shamanic Journeys vs. Mindfulness Meditation

November 2016
Becoming an Artist of Sucking

October 2016
Why Meditate? Or, Dialogues with the Heart
The Three Types of Business; or, Removing Suffering
Evolved Mindfulness: How to “Witness” and Deeply Feel your Inner Reality

September 2016
Could you Be Happy if this Was it?
The Four Definitions of Awareness

August 2016

Acceptance vs. Understanding: Tales from the Road
Knowledge Is Power vs. Ignorance Is Bliss
Authenticity vs. Sincerity: Experiences of a Meditator (Part II)

July 2016
Authenticity vs. Sincerity: Experiences of a Meditator (Part I)
A Fascinating Comfort Zone Experiment
On Meditation: Three Ways to Handle a “Brick Wall”

June 2016
The Importance of Ready Position
Serious vs. Sincere: Experiences of a Meditator
Formal vs. Informal Meditation
Working with Impulses in Meditation: The Rule of Three
On Mindfulness: Dogs vs. Humans
Rethinking Progress in Meditation
The Inner Voice vs. the Ego
Mindfulness-based “Stress Reduction” vs. “Wisdom Cultivation”
GDP and the Limitations of Personal Growth

May 2016
Meditation Is a Doctor
On Sincerity and Doing whatever you Want
Peace of Mind in Three Levels of Quietness
The “Inner Gravity” of Sincerity
Authenticity vs. Sincerity
The Buddhist Understanding of Saddha: or, Faith vs. Conviction
Your Mind Is an Inbox

April 2016
Why I Became a Monk
Laughing Buddha vs. Still Faced Buddha
The Dirtiest Word in the English Language
Two Types of Good Attitude
On Wealth
On Anger
The Two Types of Desire: Wisdom and Craving