Currently Scheduled Events

Insight Meditation Banner POSPath of Sincerity Sangha – Insight Meditation & Buddhism

Dates: Every Tuesday 7-9pm PST
Cost: generosity/donation
Commitment: no RSVP needed
Location: Virtual via Zoom:

Brief Summary:

This group is devoted to practicing Insight Meditation, a mindfulness-based style of Buddhist Meditation that aims to take us deeper into a life of generosity, mindfulness and wisdom. We aspire to build community, explore Buddhist philosophy in a down-to-earth way, and discover the place where our full humanity intersects with a rich spiritual life.

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chris-petrow-j4Wia6JDLm0-unsplashDaily Morning Meditation

Dates: Every day 8:00-9:00am PST
Cost: free/donation
Commitment: no RSVP needed
Location: Virtual via Zoom:
Zoom Password: Meditation

Brief Summary:

Starting at 8:00am, we will begin with a 5 minute reflection/reading, followed by 40 minutes of silent meditation. Optional discussion from 8:45 – 9:00am.  Feel free to pop in or out as works with your schedule.

On Sundays, we’ll stick around for another hour of dhamma discussion & sharing, from 8:45-9:45am.

As we will be in silence you are welcome to do whatever style or technique of meditation appeals to you, although the reflection will likely revolve around the Buddhist Insight Meditation tradition.

Monthly Pause Meditation Workshop

Dates: One Sunday every month, from 11-12:30pm
Cost: donation
Location: Virtual via Zoom

Brief Summary:

Once a month, I’ll endeavor to take a rich & deep meditation topic and condense it into it’s most impactful and actionable 90 minutes.  Usually will include several periods of guided meditation.

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Insight Meditation BannerAwareness+Wisdom: A Nine Week Insight Meditation Course

Dates: Next one likely in Spring
Location: Zoom/virtual, Thursdays from 7-9pm PST
Cost: Generosity/Donation

Brief Summary:

In this course, I’ll share the best of what I’ve learned about building a life-changing mindfulness & Buddhist meditation practice.  You’ll learn an array of techniques, the essential mindset, how to build a lasting habit, the ability to bring meditation into your relationships, ways to work with difficult emotions, and, in general, leave feeling more peaceful and at ease in your own being.

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Ongoing Meditation Teachings

Apart from the above offerings, I regularly teach meditation for The Yoga Space’s 200 and 500hr Teacher Training Programs, a few classes a week at Nike, and periodically at both for-profit and non-profit organizations, as well as leading a new public workshop, daylong retreat or course in Portland every month or two.

Previously Taught Public Events

Single Day Workshops

  • Intro to Mindfulness Meditation
  • The Meditator’s Mindset
  • Buddhist Social Meditation
  • Intuition and Study as Skillful Means on the Buddhist Path
  • The Building Blocks of Insight Meditation
  • The Joy of Impermanence
  • Radical Relaxation: A Journey into Mindfulness
  • Yoga Body, Meditation Mind: Exploring Conscious Embodiment
  • Overcoming Pain w/ Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Experiencing Selflessness: A Daylong Insight Meditation Retreat
  • Liberating Change: A Daylong Insight Meditation Retreat
  • The End of Suffering: A Daylong Insight Meditation Retreat
  • Embodied Freedom: A Daylong Insight Meditation Retreat
  • The Nature of Thinking: A Meditative Deep Dive
  • Touching Emptiness: A Meditative Deep Dive

Multi-week Courses

  • Pragmatic Buddhism: Three Week Intro-to-Buddhism Course (3 Weeks)
  • When Meditation Meets your Life: A Journey into Mindfulness (4 weeks)
  • Awakening Joy: The Buddhist Path to Happiness (4 weeks)
  • Awareness+Wisdom Insight Meditation Course (9 weeks)
  • Merging Love & Wisdom: The Heart of Buddhist Meditation (6 weeks)
  • Dhamma Everywhere Book Club – (8 Weeks)

One Hours Classes
I’ve led over a hundred classes in secular, yogic and buddhist environments, exploring themes like opening the heart, relaxing the mind, working with anxiety, understanding the variety of mindfulness techniques, concentration, deconstructing anger, the nature of distraction, wisdom cultivation, buddhist shadow work and many more.

Here’s the Completed 2019 Schedule for the Tuesday Night POS Sangha:

12/30 – The Four Foundations of Mindfulness (pt 3. on the Satipatthana Sutta)
12/16 – The Four Foundations of Mindfulness (pt 2. on the Satipatthana Sutta)
12/2 – The Four Foundations of Mindfulness (pt 1. on the Satipatthana Sutta)
11/18 – Gratitude & Opening to Life
11/4 – The What, Why and How of Equanimity (Parami #10)
10/21 – The What, Why and How of Goodwill & Kindness (Parami #9)
10/7 – The What, Why and How of Resolve & Determination (Parami #8)
9/23 – The What, Why and How of Truthfulness (Parami #7)
9/9 – The What, Why and How of Patience (Parami #6)
8/26 – The What, Why and How of Energy & Effort (Parami #5)
8/12 – The What, Why and How of Wisdom & Discernment (Parami #4)
7/29 – The What, Why and How of Renunciation (Parami #3)
7/15 – The What, Why and How of Ethical Conduct & Integrity (Parami #2)
7/01 – The What, Why and How of Generosity (Parami #1)
6/17 – Introducing an 11 Week Exploration of the Spiritual Perfections (Paramis)
6/03 – What Is Meditation? (this is a serious question!)
5/20 – Integrating Yoga & Buddhism
5/06 – The Experience of Awareness
4/22 – The Most Radical Teaching in Buddhism
4/08 – Turning Stupid Awareness into Wise Awareness
3/25 – Is Faith the New “F” Word?
3/11 – The Future Isn’t Real and Rent Is Due on the First
2/25 – On Samadhi: The Difference Between Rock Climbing & Meditation
2/11 – The Buddhist Approach to Anger
1/28 – The Why of Meditation & Spiritual Practice