Brief Overview

Every month on a Saturday, we’ll take a deep-dive as a local community, alternating months between a daylong meditation retreat and a “Sangha Service Day.”  Below is the upcoming schedule

  • Nov 11 – Embodied Awareness: A Daylong Meditation Retreat @ Heart of Wisdom Temple in NE Portland
  • Dec 9 – Service Day @ Friends of Trees in Happy Valley
  • Jan 20 – Daylong Meditation Retreat @ Heart of Wisdom Temple in NE Portland


Logistical Info for Next Service Day (December 9th)

RSVP: Via the Friends of Trees sign-up form (though it’s great if you could also email me so I have a sense of our group size!)
Time: 8:45am to 1pm (lunch to follow!)
Location: 2088 SE 117th Ave, Happy Valley, OR 97086

For this service day, we’ll join Friends of Trees for their Spring Mountain Planting to plant hundreds of native trees & shrubs along the Mt. Scott Creek Trail. I’ve done at least a dozen plantings with Friends and these events are always a blast!

The service period goes until 1pm, and then we can gather in the park and have lunch together (please bring a packed lunch!).


Sangha Service Days Mission Statement

On the Sangha Service Days, we’ll do a community service project with a local non-profit organization / wholesome cause.  There are two main purposes to the Sangha Service Days:

  1. To put into action the Buddha’s teaching on “sīla,” aka virtuous action, and give back to the community with a spirit of generosity and loving-kindness.
  2. To have an opportunity to gather together more informally, develop natural connections, and touch into how when the Buddha was asked if Spiritual Friendship was half of the path, he replied that it was actually the entire path.

*As a note, in Buddhism, “sangha” is considered one of the three jewels or pillars of the entire tradition — it loosely translates as “spiritual community.”


Past Service Days