Daily Morning Meditation (Virtual)


Daily Morning Meditation

Dates: Every Morning – 8:15am-9:15am
Cost: free
Commitment: no RSVP needed
Location: Virtual via Zoom:  https://zoom.us/j/370125244

Brief Summary:

Starting at 8:15am, we will begin with 2-5 minutes of dhamma reflection/reading, followed by silent meditation until 9am — roughly 40 minutes of silence.  Then at 9am we’ll leave 5-15 minutes of open space to allow for any reflections or intentions anyone would like to share.

Feel free to pop in or out as works for your schedule!


On Sundays, after meditation, we’ll take an entire hour from 9am to 10am to have a more spacious dhamma discussion & sharing.  You do not need to attend the meditation to take part in the discussion.

As we will be in silence you are welcome to do whatever style or technique of meditation appeals to you, although the reflection will likely revolve around the Buddhist Insight Meditation tradition.