Mindfulness of Mind — A Daylong Buddhist Meditation Retreat

Date: Saturday, May 25th, from 10:00am to 4:00pm+ Pacific Time
Location: Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple, 6401 NE 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97211 — note: there will also be a virtual Zoom option for this daylong

Cost: Gift economy / aka donation
Registration: RSVP required; email me via David@Pathofsincerity.com

There will be a daylong retreat every other month; see further below for the schedule & mission statement.


Retreat Overview

In this daylong retreat, we will draw upon Sayadaw U Tejaniya’s teaching on Mindfulness of Mind — the Buddha’s 3rd Foundation of Mindfulness.

Our exploration will begin by grounding in a relaxed & natural presence.  Rather than trying to get some outcome, we will lead with interest and curiosity — building wisdom simply by noticing what’s here.  More specifically, by directing that noticing to the mind itself, we’ll see more clearly the movements of reactivity, whether awareness is present or absent, whether our effort levels are in balance, or what moods/mindstates seem to hook us.

The purpose of this investigation is to find a greater freedom — not through getting rid of certain states or feeling blissed out, but through a wise awareness, born of seeing things as they are.  Some instruction will be given on how this practice integrates with traditional meditation methods, like mindfulness of breathing, loving-kindness, mantra, or body scan.

People of all experience levels are welcome — whether you are a long-time meditator or newer to the practice, this daylong will surely leave you with a deeper sense of ease and peace.



The meditation portion of the day will go from 10:00am to 4:00pm PT, with a lunch break around 1pm.

The day will feature a couple of short dharma talks, several periods of sitting meditation around 45 minutes long, indoor walking meditation, and time for questions.

We will balance direct instruction with plenty of time in silence, as that is the true teacher.   Please bring your own lunch.

You are welcome to leave at 4:00pm or stick around for up to another hour for informal socializing, tea, and treats!



Offered on the gift economy (aka, generosity or donation).  

Your presence is the biggest gift, though if you’re able, monetary contributions are always appreciated & help keep the ship afloat.  For more info on why I choose to teach entirely on donation, check out this article on “the gift economy.

Donations can be made in person or electronically via this link.


Bi-Monthly Daylong Retreats – Schedule

  • Mar 30 – No Self, No Problem | Daylong Meditation Retreat @ Heart of Wisdom Temple in NE Portland
  • May 25 – Mindfulness of Mind | Daylong Meditation Retreat @ Heart of Wisdom Temple in NE Portland (and experimenting with a virtual Zoom option)

While an RSVP is required, anyone is welcome to join.  There are no prerequisites, requirements, or prior experience with this community needed.


Daylong Retreats – Mission Statement

In a world that pulls our attention in so many directions, there is something incredibly powerful about taking a whole day with meditation as our top priority.  In that spirit, here are the two primary purposes of these bi-monthly retreats:

  1. To create the conditions for people to go deeper into the dhamma — into a more robust stability of mind, peace, loving-kindness, and liberating insight.
  2. To practice the entire Noble Eightfold Path — as the Sangha Service Days focus more on the virtue section of the Buddha’s Eightfold Path, these days will focus more on the meditation & wisdom sections.  This allows us to make a regular practice of the entire path, and do so not in isolation but with others!


Teacher Bio

David Sudar is a former Buddhist monk, who has completed over 3 years of silent retreats, including an intensive 21-month Vipassana Meditation retreat in Myanmar with his core teacher, Sayadaw U Tejaniya. He currently works as a Buddhist & meditation teacher in Portland, OR.  He has taught extensively for the 10% Happier app, Pause Meditation, and the Path of Sincerity Sangha.