Gift Economy Mission Statement

I offer all my teachings on the principle of the “gift economy,” aka on donation.

To put it another way, this means I give all my teachings from a spirit of generosity, without the expectation of return.  It is up to the community at large to decide if/when/how they would like to reciprocate the gift.

The gift economy doesn’t mean “free” or something is of “low value,” but instead proposes a radical shift in how we do money, work, life, and determine value.


Four Reasons I Teach on the Gift Economy

  1. It keeps me in integrity with my lineage, Theravada Buddhism, which has run on the principle of generosity for 2,600+ years (often called “dāna“)
  2. I genuinely believe that these teachings are priceless, and want to make them accessible to all, regardless of their financial means.
  3. I wish to help create a culture of gratitude & generosity, where we bring a spiritual dimension into our financial life, making choices not from how much can I have, but rather, how does my heart move me to act. 
  4. Living from the gift economy tends to strengthen social connections and leads to a greater sense of contentment and appreciation for what really matters.


Gift Economy Resources

An alternative to the “Market Economy,” a Gift Economy is a system of exchange based on the principles of gratitude and generosity, where gifts are given freely among a community without expectation of return.

Whether it starts with our families, friend groups, spiritual communities, Buy Nothing Groups, or society at large, there is something contagious & life-affirming about a system of gift-giving!  Here are some helpful resources on how this system works:

If you really want to do a deep dive into the Gift Economy, I’d recommend the full-length Sacred Economics book by Charles Eisenstein.  For a shorter version, here’s a 12-minute video summarizing the essence of the book.



Offer a Donation via Paypal, Venmo or Credit Card

If you’re a little confused on how to relate to a donation-based work model, I wrote this article answering the question, “What Is the Appropriate Amount to Give?”  Although, the whole idea is that there is no appropriate amount — it’s all about whatever you feel moved to give!