Path of Sincerity Sangha


Insight Meditation Banner POS1) Weekly Group

Dates: every Tuesday evening, 7pm-9pm
Commitment: no RSVP needed
Location:  Zoom / Virtual, visit this link.

***Note: due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus, we will be meeting online until it is safe to meet again at our normal location in NE Portland***

Brief Summary:

This group is devoted to practicing Insight Meditation, a mindfulness-based style of Buddhist Meditation that aims to take us deeper into a life of love, wisdom and inner freedom. We aspire to build community, explore Buddhist philosophy in a down-to-earth way, and discover the place where our full humanity intersects with a rich spiritual life.

A typical gathering includes around 30 minutes of lightly guided meditation, an interactive talk and discussion.  All meditation experience levels, genders, ethnicities, ages and orientations are welcome!  If you want a more detailed intro of a given week’s theme, sign-up for the mailing list or check out the Facebook page.

Cost: This group is led entirely on donation, as an offering of heart!  Your presence is always the biggest gift, but monetary donations are also appreciated.  If you are curious about “how much to donate,” or why it is a worthwhile thing to do, I encourage you to read this article.  If you’d like to contribute, you can send donations via paypal to or via venmo to Djsudar (last 4 of phone# are 3578).


2) Other Opportunities to Deepen Practice


3) Completed 2019/2020 Schedule for the Monday Night POS Sangha:


3/17 – The Three Refuges
1/27 – The Four Foundations of Mindfulness (pt 5. on the Satipatthana Sutta)
1/13 – The Four Foundations of Mindfulness (pt 4. on the Satipatthana Sutta)


12/30 – The Four Foundations of Mindfulness (pt 3. on the Satipatthana Sutta)
12/16 – The Four Foundations of Mindfulness (pt 2. on the Satipatthana Sutta)
12/2 – The Four Foundations of Mindfulness (pt 1. on the Satipatthana Sutta)
11/18 – Gratitude & Opening to Life
11/4 – The What, Why and How of Equanimity (Parami #10)
10/21 – The What, Why and How of Goodwill & Kindness (Parami #9)
10/7 – The What, Why and How of Resolve & Determination (Parami #8)
9/23 – The What, Why and How of Truthfulness (Parami #7)
9/9 – The What, Why and How of Patience (Parami #6)
8/26 – The What, Why and How of Energy & Effort (Parami #5)
8/12 – The What, Why and How of Wisdom & Discernment (Parami #4)
7/29 – The What, Why and How of Renunciation (Parami #3)
7/15 – The What, Why and How of Ethical Conduct & Integrity (Parami #2)
7/01 – The What, Why and How of Generosity (Parami #1)
6/17 – Introducing an 11 Week Exploration of the Spiritual Perfections (Paramis)
6/03 – What Is Meditation? (this is a serious question!)
5/20 – Integrating Yoga & Buddhism
5/06 – The Experience of Awareness
4/22 – The Most Radical Teaching in Buddhism
4/08 – Turning Stupid Awareness into Wise Awareness
3/25 – Is Faith the New “F” Word?
3/11 – The Future Isn’t Real and Rent Is Due on the First
2/25 – On Samadhi: The Difference Between Rock Climbing & Meditation
2/11 – The Buddhist Approach to Anger
1/28 – The Why of Meditation & Spiritual Practice