Guided Meditations

Some of these meditations are more about developing a stable focus in the present, others work on our approach/mindset, and others still seek to develop things like loving-kindness or wisdom.

As a way to orient your actual practice, I recommend everyone have some sort of anchoring practice that functions like a “homebase,” as in a method you build a relationship with and can use on and off the cushion to ground in mindfulness.  It’s also essential to have the right attitude or mindset toward practice.

I periodically release new guided meditations, some that make it to this page, and some exclusively shared with those who subscribe to my twice-a-month newsletter.

Common Anchoring Techniques

Broaden and Deepen your Meditation Practice

Being Love Meditations

  • Self-Compassion Meditation – (11:00)
  • Loving-Kindness as an Attitude – (20:00)
  • Radiating Loving-Kindness (an energetic/somatic approach) – (10:00) or (20:00)
  • Loving-Kindness for Oneself – (11:00) or (21:00)
  • Loving-Kindness for a Benefactor or Friend – (10:00) or (19:00)
  • Loving-Kindness for a Neutral Person – (12:00) or (22:00)
  • Loving-Kindness for a Difficult Person – (13:00) or (20:00)