Welcome here! 

My name is David and my teachings are rooted in the Theravada-Vipassana Buddhist tradition.  My teaching style is pragmatic, light-hearted, and aims to guide people into deeper layers of love, wisdom, and inner freedom.  This path isn’t always easy, but in my experience, it is absolutely life-changing.

Below are some ways to dive in 🙂


Independent learning:

  1. A large collection of free guided meditations I’ve recorded
  2. A large collection of 30-minute Dharma Talks I’ve recorded
  3. A large collection of written reflections on Buddhism, meditation, and applying these teachings to daily life

I also periodically post quotes and other teachings on my Facebook and Instagram pages.


Donation-based live events (local & virtual):

  1. Daily Morning Meditation (on Zoom), 8-9am Pacific Time, with around 25ish meditators each day.
  2. Five-month mentorship program (on Zoom)
  3. Periodic Courses in Portland — this autumn, I’ll likely be leading “Being Love” and “Mindfulness in Daily Life”
  4. Regularly meeting classesA monthly Sangha on 2nd Sunday evenings in Portland, and a virtual class on Insight Timer, every other Tuesday.
  5. Bi-monthly Deep Dives in Portland — alternating months of a daylong meditation retreat, and a community service project.


Monthly Newsletter!

Exclusive reflections + writings, guided meditations, and event notifications.



Pause Teaching Picture

restival 2019 photo

And a shot from 2014, when I was a monk in Myanmar: