Untangling Anxiety: A 6-Week Mindfulness Course

Untangling Anxiety
A Six-Week Mindfulness Course

When: Wednesdays, 7-9pm PT, May 22 to June 26, 2024
Where: The Flander’s House Community Room — 2926 NE Flanders St, Portland 97232
Registration: RSVP required — email me at David@Pathofsincerity.com to sign up!
Cost: Gift Economy


One Sentence Summary:

Anxiety doesn’t have to trip you up so much anymore — this course will show you how.  

Longer Summary:

Rooted in Mindfulness practice, Buddhist wisdom, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, this course will help you find an inner calm amidst anxiety, be more resilient to external stressors, and “untangle” the core thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that cause anxiety.  Through guided meditations, brief lectures, worksheets, and group discussion, you will learn:

  • The most essential skills that can dramatically reduce the negative effects of anxiety, right now.
  • The experiential anatomy of anxiety — what triggers it, what perpetuates it, and its fundamental components.
  • How to consciously alter our thoughts and behaviors to break free from the habit of anxiety.
  • Buddhist frameworks that use anxiety as a vehicle for deep insight & wisdom, while also soothing its immediate impact.

As the primary vehicle for “untangling” in this course is mindfulness, even though optional, participants will be strongly encouraged to maintain a minimum 10-minute daily mindfulness meditation practice throughout the course.

Essential Disclaimer:

Please note that I am not a licensed mental health provider.  In turn, this course is not intended to be medical advice, and if you are seeing a Mental Health Professional for anxiety-related challenges, I advise you to follow their recommendations over anything you will learn in this course.

In that spirit, you will always be 100% at choice and are free to decline participation in any particular exercise if it does not feel suitable for you.  Similarly, as this course is a group learning experience, opposed to 1-on-1 support, it is not appropriate for someone with a severe anxiety disorder or who experiences regular panic attacks.

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns about this disclaimer.


Cost & Commitment:

As with nearly everything I do, I’m offering this course on the gift economy; aka on donation, as a practice of mutual giving and receiving!

As donation-based offerings are a bit foreign in our culture, I would love for you to read over this article on how I think about the financial part of donation-based courses.  I trust that whatever you donate will be the perfect amount!  No one will be turned away or judged for lack of funds!

Also, just as importantly, offered-on-donation doesn’t mean “come when you feel like it” or “only participate halfway.”  While of course life happens and you may have to miss a week or two, I’d request that you make a genuine commitment to showing up and doing the practices — that’s the only real way to turn these teachings from a good idea into something you truly live and embody.

For any questions, please email me via david@pathofsincerity.com