The Greatest Gift of your Life

Over the years, I’ve tried many practices to cultivate qualities of the heart, like gratitude, kindness, generosity, love or compassion.  Some of the practices have been effective and some of them haven’t.

Today, I’m going to share one that might seem a little silly, but is surprisingly powerful.  I do it nearly everyday, even if for just a few seconds while brushing my teeth.

The practice is called, “the greatest gift of your life.”  In brief, you look at yourself in the mirror with an attitude of kindness and gratitude.

Kindness because what you see is a human being who beneath the social identity, beneath the haircut and style of dress, beneath the good days and bad days, beneath the to-do list and bank account, beneath the hustle and bustle, beneath EVERYTHING, is right here in front of you, longing to love and be loved, and doing the best they can.

Gratitude because that loving spirit beneath it all has been gifted the body & mind in mirror, and another day of being alive.  Gratitude because what you see in the mirror is without a doubt the greatest gift of your life.


Below there is a Online Mirror App that will ask your permission to turn on your webcam.  If you click “yes,” take maybe 20 or 30 seconds to look yourself in the eyes with kindness and gratitude.

Notice how this simple practice affects your day.