Deep Dhamma in Daily Life — Bi-Weekly Virtual Class



When: ~ Every other Tuesday from 4-5pm PT (see below for specific dates)
Where: Insight Timer App (visit here for a direct link)
Cost: Gift Economy / donation



This bi-weekly class will explore how to weave “Deep Dhamma” into our daily lives, unpacking traditional Buddhist teachings to live with greater love, integrity, wisdom, meditative presence, and inner freedom. 

Above all, we’ll show that it’s definitely possible to cultivate these qualities amidst a life full of relationships, work, chores, traffic jams, and all the little delights of being alive.  For good measure, we’ll also weave in a fair dose of humility, respect for everyone’s journey, and a sense of humor!

A typical class features a 15-minute talk, 15-minute guided meditation, and 30 minutes of discussion/questions.  See the “Title” below for the specific class theme.

For 2024, the classes will all revolve around the Buddha’s “Seven Factors of Awakening,” which include mindfulness, investigation, effort, joy, tranquility, concentration, and equanimity.  Below is the schedule:

  • May 07 — The Seven Factors of Awakening
  • May 21 — How the Buddha Defines Mindfulness (Mindfulness p.1)
  • Jun 04 — Mindfulness of Body (Mindfulness p.2)
  • Jun 18— Mindfulness of Feeling-Tone (Mindfulness p.3)
  • Jul 02 — Mindfulness of Mindstates (Mindfulness p.4)
  • Jul 23 — Mindfulness of Conditionality (Mindfulness p.5)
  • Aug 13 — Curiosity & Interest (Investigation p.1)
  • Aug 27 — Powerful Inquiries: Inconstancy (Investigation p.2)
  • Sep 10 — Powerful Inquiries: Not-self (Investigation p.3)
  • Sep 24 — Powerful Inquiries: Suffering (Investigation p.4)
  • Oct 8 — Gentle Perseverance (Effort p.1)
  • Oct 22 — Balanced Energy (Effort p.2)
  • Nov 5 — Proper Aim (Effort p.3)
  • Nov 19 — The Joy of Being Present (Joy p.1)
  • Dec 3 — The Joy of Gratitude & Giving (Joy p.2)
  • Dec 17 — The Joy of Love (Joy p.3)
  • Dec 31 — The Joy of Letting Go (Joy p.4)
  • January and beyond — Tranquility, Concentration & Equanimity


What is Insight Timer?

At least for now, I’ll be running the event off of Insight Timer, which is the world’s largest free meditation app.  You can also find a number of guided meditations I’ve recorded on their platform.



Offered on the gift economy (aka, generosity or donation).  

Your presence is the biggest gift, though if you’re able, monetary contributions are always appreciated & help keep the ship afloat.  For more info on why I choose to teach entirely on donation, check out this article on “the gift economy.

Donations can be made in person or electronically via this link.


Teacher Bio:

A former Theravādin Buddhist monk, David Sudar has spent over 3 years on intensive meditation retreats, including a 21-month retreat in Myanmar with his core teacher, Sayadaw U Tejaniya. Since 2018 he has also been studying with Vipassana teacher, Carol Wilson. He currently teaches Buddhism & meditation full-time, both locally and online. Visit here for a more complete biography.