Three Ways to Stay in Touch with David after 10% Happier

Sadly, 10% Happier is ending their live coaching program.  If you would like to stay in touch or keep practicing together, here are three ways to stay connected:
  1. About twice a month, I put out a newsletter with a reflective essay & event updates.  You can sign up for that here.  My last newsletter featured some reflections from my recent 3-month retreat.
  2. I lead a daily morning meditation group via Zoom from 8-9am Pacific Time.  From Monday to Friday, I start with a 10 minute talk, then we sit silently for 35 minutes, and close with community sharing.  Around 15 to 25 people usually join.  You are welcome to pop in any time — no commitment or RSVP needed.  Offered on donation.
  3. In addition to the morning group, I lead various virtual donation-based classes and courses across the year, which I post in the above newsletter.