Monthly Pause Meditation Workshop

Pause Meditation, a local Portland Meditation studio, has invited me to teach a monthly “Meditation Deep Dive,” where I’ll endeavor to drop a level beneath the surface, and offer something interesting & useful relating to meditation.

Registration for all Pause workshops found here.

All workshops on Sunday from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
August 2 – Touching Emptiness
September 13 – The Nature of Thinking
October 11 – Transforming our Subconscious Views
Nov 15 – Emotional Awareness
Dec 13 – On Love
Jan 10 -TBD
Feb 28 – TBD

Description for the upcoming workshop:

Emotional Awareness: A Meditative Deep Dive

In this workshop, you’ll learn a meditative vision for how emotions can help you step more fully into life.  By using mindful awareness, you’ll learn how to “respond to” life-draining emotions rather than “react from” them; and, on the flip side, how to lean into life-affirming emotions without getting attached to them.  

As an aid to finding this mindful aliveness in our emotional life, we’ll explore in more detail:

  • The meditative “anatomy” of an emotion
  • The difference between emotions and feelings
  • The two conscious & two unconscious ways of relating to emotion
  • How to truly “feel” an emotion (and what to do when you can’t “feel” or identify any particular emotion)
  • A journaling exercise to heighten our awareness of seven key emotions