Monthly Pause Meditation Workshop

Pause Meditation, a local Portland Meditation studio, has invited me to teach a monthly “Meditation Deep Dive,” where I’ll endeavor to drop a level beneath the surface, and offer something powerful and actionable relating to meditation.

Registration for all Pause workshops found here.

All workshops on Sunday from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
August 2 – Touching Emptiness
September 13 – The Nature of Thinking
October 11 – TBD
Nov 8 – TBD

Description for the upcoming workshop:

The Nature of Thinking: A Meditative Deep Dive

While thinking is often seen as an obstacle to meditation, it doesn’t have to be that way. In that spirit, this workshop will explore how the goal of meditation is not “thoughtlessness,” but rather a wiser relationship with our thinking (and will help you move that way!).

More specifically, you’ll learn a meditative definition of thought, the difference between the content and form of thoughts, how thoughts can actually be helpful for deep meditation, and a few powerful strategies for breaking free from the spell of compulsive thinking. The workshop will include guided meditations, lecture and discussion.