Mindfulness & Meditation Coaching

My meditation coaching is designed with the following question in mind:

In eight weeks time, how can I help you learn about meditation what it would take you 1-3 years to learn without personal guidance?

Who I Work With:

Over time, I’ve realized I offer maximum benefit to three types of people:

1) Beginners looking to get down the basics of mindfulness meditation, and also have total confidence they’re getting the highest calibre personal instruction available.
2) Folks who already know the basics, but want to take their meditation practice to the next level, making it more consistent, less distracted, have better frameworks & tools to work with obstacles, and ultimately experience less stress, more fulfillment, and a deeper sense of being glad to be alive.
3) Long-time meditators who are interested in my specific areas of specialization – Vipassana, mindfulness of mind (in the style of Sayadaw U Tejaniya), wisdom-oriented approaches to meditation, and integration of meditation into daily life.

How I Work:

I utilize a combination of worksheets, guided meditations, a meditation journal, a weekly one hour session to discuss practice & answer questions, personalized exercises, reading assignments, accountability, and your unwavering commitment that for our 8 weeks together you will meditate at least 6 days per week, and at least 25 minutes per day.

How to Sign Up:

I’m currently in the process of revamping my training system to make it tighter & more effective.  Once I start taking students again, I’ll offer coaching at a discounted rate for a limited time.

If you’d like to be part of the first cohort, shoot me an email telling me a little bit about your meditation history, why you’re interested in coaching, and if it seems like a good fit, I’ll add you to the list of those who get notified first!