Meditation Tea Hut

Meditation & Buddhist Coaching/Mentoring

Coaching is essentially a way to get some support with your meditation practice or your greater Dharma/Buddhist practice.

It could relate to your formal practice, like what you do “on the cushion,” or your informal practice, like how this stuff shows up in your daily life.  It’s an opportunity for feedback, accountability, asking questions, troubleshooting difficulties, and being able to discuss these subjects in a down-to-earth & poignant way.

Logistics: Who, When, Where, How Often

I only do coaching with people who have attended at least three events that I’ve facilitated (e.g. they’ve been to Sangha three times, a single course that met eight times, morning meditation once + a daylong + a workshop, etc.), or have worked with me 1-on-1 before 2021.

Coaching sessions last 30 minutes long.  I also see people no more than once a month.  You are welcome to schedule a session whenever via my live calendar below.

All coaching happens virtually via Zoom.

Gift Economy / Cost

All of my teachings are offered via the “Gift Economy.”  This means I offer coaching as a gift without the expectation of anything in return, and it’s up to the recipient to decide if/how/when they would like to reciprocate.

To offer goods/services on the “gift economy” doesn’t mean free so much as it’s proposing a radically different way of handling our economic life.  It’s making it more personal and intimate.  It’s empowering both parties to relate to life from a spirit of gratitude & generosity, rather than the scarcity thinking and grasping.

As this model is pretty foreign in our culture, many people find helpful this article on “what is the appropriate amount to give.”


Schedule a Session

If there are no available times for a given week, it means I’m either on vacation/retreat or have already filled all my slots for the week.  Book a session directly in the form below: