Brief Overview

I mentor people to help them align their lives with the dharma, learn or dive deeper into mindfulness/insight meditation, work through challenges, and integrate mindfulness & spiritual practice with relationship, work and everyday life.

I work with people both brand new to the path, and also those who’ve been exploring it for decades.

In a nutshell, this is about becoming the fullest version of yourself — grounded, connected & joyful.


What Is a Mentorship?

A mentorship is a version of the classic teacher/student relationship (and is how I’ve personally learned the most).

It tends to work best with students who are independently engaged.  I’m here to answer your questions, point you in the right direction, suggest readings /meditations/exercises, challenge you, cheerlead you, and ultimately help guide you to be your own inner teacher.

Importantly, my ability to be of service is directly proportional to your commitment to your own path.

Coaching vs. Therapy vs. Mentorships

Mentorships are usually somewhat personal and relational.  While you are very much the focus, I still show up as a real person rather than a “blank slate,” and at times draw upon my own experiences and lessons.

While the core of the mentorship resembles a student/teacher relationship, I do also draw upon my other formal trainings:

If it seems appropriate, sometimes we may go in a coaching direction, planning & strategizing things like a meditation plan, figuring out how to live your values, or offering precise contemplative tools.  Other times, if you’re interested, we might go in a therapeutic direction, using somatic mindfulness to do a present moment exploration of something that’s holding you back, like anxiety, depression, fear, self-criticism, shame or limiting beliefs.

There is no set prescription for how a session goes, but I often offer a short guided meditation to really bring home whatever you’re exploring.

Finally, my basic working principle is to always act in your best interest, to help you become the fullest version of yourself.

Please note that this is not the appropriate place to work through major trauma, addictions, abuse, or anything else best handled by a licensed mental health professional.