Mindfulness Coaching

I help people get unstuck, make real changes and come into a fuller experience of life.  Here’s some common things I get excited to work on with people like yourself:

— Working through specific emotional challenges
— Breaking free from anxiety and/or depression
— Connecting more easily with others

— Cultivating self-love and compassion (being radically comfortable in your own skin)
— Beginning a meditation practice
— Taking an established meditation practice to the next level

— Working with physical pain
— Falling asleep more easily & quickly
— Aligning your behavior more fully with your values and true desires

My approach is rooted in a deep kindness, down-to-earth-ness and a great love for wisdom.  I believe in creating a collaborative relationship, where we work together to help you take your life where you want to go.

While talking, strategizing and inquiring are essential parts of the process, I’ve found an incredible power lies in dropping into mindfulness, getting somatic, investigating, experimenting, and actually having new experiences instead of just talking about them.

My orientation largely draws upon Buddhist psychology & meditation, Hakomi mindfulness-based Psychotherapy, Humanistic Psychology, Non-Violent Communication, the Spiritual/Emotional/Psychological work of Robert Augustus Masters, and most of all, my own 15+ years journeying on this path, and discovering in myself & others what actually works (and what doesn’t).

Two questions I always ask right away:

1) What new reality do you want for yourself (dream big!)?
2) How will we know when you’ve arrived?

I’m currently not accepting new clients, though please contact me if you’d like to be added to the wait list.

David Sudar