Mindfulness Coaching

This work is an intuitive combination of counseling, coaching and spiritual guidance.

Like traditional therapy, I offer a safe environment infused with kindness, dialogue and potent questions.  However, more than anything, I prioritize guiding you into a mindfulness-infused experience of your depths—including body, mind, emotion and spirit (and, most of all, the relationship between them).

Even though I very much honor your uniqueness and specific intentions, I also have a major agenda: I am here to help guide you deeper into yourself. 

A melding of mindfulness, inner freedom and sincerity.

In other words, my job is to help you feel radically okay inside yourself, and to find the inner knowing and resources to branch into the world with aliveness, heart and authenticity.

In this process, I also think it’s important to awaken our sense of humor and play—how much sweeter to actually enjoy the ride!



How does meditation factor in to “mindfulness coaching”?

In our sessions together, I often include brief & personalized guided mindfulness exercises, but it’s rare we would sit and silently meditate for more than a minute.

Outside of our sessions, I am a strong believer that a commited awareness practice is one of the greatest sources of personal growth.

In turn, for the time we work together, I highly recommend you take on a regular awareness practice (of any style), even if only five minutes a day.  If you choose to go this route, I also can offer expert-level guidance on getting your practice on the right track, as well as accountability and encouragement.  

In the initial discovery session, we can chat more about what this looks like, and if it seems like the right direction for you (and it might not!).

Is “mindfulness coaching” appropriate for everyone?


I am not the most appropriate guide for people working through major trauma, addiction, on heavy meds or going through acute struggles like domestic abuse or suicidality.  Rather, I’m a specialist for people who have some baseline of solidness, and are ready to take their journey a level deeper.  I thrive with topics like depression, stuckness, anxiety, self-doubt, self-hatred, emotional numbness, life transition, spiritual emergency, and pain.

What kind of results can I expect?

Again, my agenda is to help guide you deeper into yourself.  What that actually looks like after six sessions (or a few dozen) can vary widely; because each person’s uniqueness and specific intentions vary widely!

However, as a general answer, you can expect a greater sense of spaciousness, intimacy and spiritual strength with whatever is real for you.  But, better than my words, check out the various testimonials that previous clients have written.

If any of this resonates, I encourage you to contact me today to schedule a free 20-30 minute discovery session!

David Sudar