Insight Dialogue / Practicing Right Speech – Dharma Talk by David Sudar (8-4-2020)


Originally given on 8/4/2020 at the Path of Sincerity Tuesday night Sangha, by David Sudar.


In the previous talk, I presented “Right Speech” from a more traditional perspective, although what I find missing in the Western dharma world is more info on how to actually do it.  It’s one thing to talk about it abstractly, but I find mindful speech to be such a powerful practice that it’s helpful to have a system breaking it down: enter Insight Dialogue.

In turn, this evening at the POS sangha we focused mostly on PRACTICING insight dialogue, and in the short intro talk available here,  I presented the six basic principles of Insight Dialogue, with a focus on how they can be actually used in our relationships & conversations.

Talk for streaming or download: