Forgive like a Buddhist — A Series of Short Talks & Resources

Below is a series of short talks I gave in November 2023 on how to shift from resentment, anger, and ill-will to genuine forgiveness, as much for yourself as those who have caused you harm.

Beneath each talk are some related resources to explore that theme a little more deeply.  I hope to add some guided meditations sometime soon.




  • To go more into self-forgiveness, see the prior links from Asher Wallis, Bhante Vimalaramsi, and Desmond Tutu.  Each of them establishes the ground layer that can be applied to oneself or another person.


  • To uproot the deeply-held stories that lead to resentment, ill-will and anger, Byron Katie’s “The Work” is an excellent tool.  This brief guide explains the basic method, and she usually has people start with “The Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet.”