Compassion as a Brahma Vihārā – Dharma Talk by David Sudar (3-16-2021)


Originally given on 3/16/2021 at the Path of Sincerity Tuesday night Sangha, by David Sudar.


In this talk, we explore the Buddhist approach to compassion, beginning with a greater context of compassion in the tradition and also as a Brahma Vihārā, or sublime attitude.  We then touch on how the typical English definition of compassion is actually directly opposed to the Buddhist ideal.

We’ll take a look at the role of action, how compassion is different than empathy, how true compassion requires equanimity and how compassion asks us to turn towards suffering, understand it and be with it, while also not getting sucked into it.  We’ll close with a short discussion of ways to develop compassion.

Talk for streaming or download: