Awakening & Enlightenment – Dharma Talk by David Sudar (1-5-2021)


Originally given on 1/5/2021 at the Path of Sincerity Tuesday night Sangha, by David Sudar.


In this talk, we will explore the culmination of the Buddhist path — enlightenment.  We’ll explore it not as a “you have it or you don’t phenomena,” but rather something that unfolds and deepens over the course of practice.  We’ll discuss some of the central markers of enlightenment, a key metaphor to understand it, a biographical account of a supposed fully enlightened Thai Meditation master, how that experience differs with other high-level practitioners, as well as people newer on the path.

Finally, as this is the final talk in a series on the Seven Factors of Awakening, we’ll spend a little time discussing how just like dominoes, these seven mental faculties in particular lead to enlightenment.

Talk for streaming or download: