Below are testimonials that coaching clients have sent me privately after a period of time working together.  I respect their privacy (as I would yours), and will only list their initials.  The words are fully theirs, but I have bolded my favorite parts =)

For additional “public” testimonials, visit my Yelp page.

“David has a depth of spirit that feels to be quite rare.  He is gentle, kind, and wise.  I am always surprised at how skillfully (and kindly) he challenges me, and encourages me to see things (about myself) I hadn’t seen before.  Working with him has led me to a number of deep insights, and perhaps most profoundly, to feel that change is possible.”       ~ S.P.

“David’s calming presence creates a welcoming space where I feel comfortable to explore parts of myself that often go unfelt.  I love how David combines humor and sincerity in a way that makes me feel safe to be vulnerable and explore.  I always see the impact of our work permeate into my life after our sessions.”       ~ H.G.

“David’s coaching sessions always helped me unravel mental clutter and prioritize my time and energy around my true values. The meditation sessions were paradigm-shifting and taught me the value of practicing awareness in everyday life. David helped me find the motivation and mental tool-set to dig deeper into my own experience.”       ~ J.E.

“A rare gem, I have seldom met someone with such enthusiasm AND ability to support others. David’s dogged pursuit to go after the tough stuff along with his skillful wit have personally helped me come up for air at a times I thought I would drown. David is not only the real deal but an amazing ally to have in your corner.”      ~ B.W.