Are you curious what your life would feel like if you were fully aligned with truth?

  • If you had easy access to mindful awareness, and things like anxiety, depression, self-criticism & unhealthy habits no longer had much impact on you?
  • If you lived each day with a strong sense of intention, purpose & connection?
  • If you were deeply tuned into the greater truths of life, like emptiness & love?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

What is the Dharma?

Dharma is a Sanskrit word that roughly translates to English as “truth.”  It refers to both our personal truths, like our present reality or our core purpose in life; as well as the great universal truths discussed in all spiritual traditions.

Truth is something that needs no justification.  When we are aligned with truth, we feel deeply alive & okay in our skin.

The Path of Sincerity explores what it means to really live from that place where our spirituality & humanity come together – as I sometimes say, where the Dharma becomes a lifestyle.

The Orientation of The Path of Sincerity 

While there are many “dharmas,” I use the Buddhist-dharma as a starting point, as well as mindfulness meditation (aka Vipassana), a deep kindness & epic curiosity.

However, my heartfelt aspiration isn’t to impart any sort of dogma, but rather to use that wisdom tradition as well as others, to point you back to yourself.  I firmly believe you are your own best teacher.  Everything on this site will point you to truth, so that you can more and more embody the following:

  • Having easy access to mindful awareness, where things like anxiety, depression, self-criticism & unhealthy habits no longer have much impact on you.
  • Living each day with a strong sense of intention, purpose & connection.
  • Deeply tuning into the greater truths of life, like emptiness & love.


How to Engage

1) Mentorship.  A form of the classic student/teacher relationship, I help people learn meditation, integrate their spiritual practice with their everyday life, and explore what it means to be human.  I offer both one-off sessions and longer-term deep work.

2) Blog.  I write about meditation, truth, the path and any related topics that occur to me as interesting and useful.  See the archives for a neat & tidy list of all my writings, or start with a few favorites:

3) Meditation.  While many of my writings directly relate to meditation, I also offer a number of guided meditations.  These seek to go beyond giving you a rote technique—I hope to transmit the art of meditation, and help you learn the deeper principles.