There are two parts to a life of sincerity:

1) Developing a radical acceptance of who we are; relaxing into ourselves.
2) Using that self-acceptance to branch out into the world with integrity, aliveness and heart.

While there are many routes to sincerity, this website is based on mindfulness meditation as a reliable path to get there—or, more accurately, to be there.

This approach will invite you to become intimately aware of all layers of your being—the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  And, through that depth of awareness, step into deeper layers of inner freedom and aligned living.

How to Engage

1) Coaching.  By using an interactive, experiential style of coaching, I help people step into deeper layers of mindful self-intimacy, inner freedom and sincerity.  I offer a free 20-30 minute discovery session today to anyone interested in stepping deeper on this path!

2) Blog.  Mostly, I write most of about mindfulness, and how to bring it alive in real life.  See the archives for a neat & tidy list of all my writings, or start with a few favorites:

3) Meditation.  While many of my writings directly relate to meditation, I also offer a number of guided meditations.  These seek to go beyond giving you a rote technique—I hope to transmit the art of meditation, and help you learn the deeper principles.

David Sudar