About Me

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When I got on this journey, I couldn’t focus due to intense ADHD, was constantly slipping in and out of apathy & depression, had little-to-no somatic or emotional awareness, and, as icing on the cake, my entire life was guided by a sense of shame and worthlessness.

After all these years of meditation, counseling and being a self-growth junkie, I’ve significantly improved my quality of life not by completely getting rid of those things, but by learning how experience them with great mindfulness, curiosity and love.  I can honestly say that I’m happy.

In turn, I’m now a meditation teacher and mindfulness coach, and am passionate about helping others live more fully.

Professional Background

I’ve spent over two years on silent Vipassana meditation retreat, primarily as a Buddhist monk in Myanmar with my core teacher, Sayadaw U Tejaniya.  I’ve also lived at the Upaya Zen Center, studied Yoga across India, and have spent 4 years abroad spanning roughly 25 countries.

I also have a B.A. in Psychology, am a certified counselor through the Interchange Counseling Institute, and am currently enrolled in the Hakomi Institute’s two year Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy training program.  Here’s some links that tell more of the story:
  —   Full Training & Retreat CV
  —   My Major Influences (and a Reading List)
  —   My Life Philosophy in One Sentence

If you’re curious how coaching with me could help you step deeper into your journey, click here to learn more!